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Deluxe Pvc Insulation System

Floor and walls  Insulated, Anti Chew, Hygienic, Antibacterial Finish, Easy Clean

picture shows wipe clean floor, that needs to be purchased separately.


Extreme Anti Chew

Walls and Floor Insulated.
Insulated kennels keep your dog warmer in the winter and cool in the summer. With no exposed timber this gives an extreme anti-chew finish. The lining is smooth, extremely hygienic, easy clean, easy to disinfect, Unlike ply board or wood it does not splinter when scratched, nor does it go mouldy due to excellent antibacterial properties that also help to prevent odours.

Once insulated your sleeping area walls are over 50mm thick

Tanalised Shiplap Exterior Inc Roof
Insulated Filled Cavities 
Easy Clean PVC Internal  Extra Tough walls
Wipe Clean Anti Bacterial
Fitted with Dog Safe Poly Pins

Please also have a look at our wipe clean floor's. Recommended for use with our insulation system.......