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Puppy 5cm Bar Gap Panel Option

Recommended for small puppys where a 8cm gap between the bars would be to large a gap.

The run panels are changed from a 8cm gap between the bars to a smaller 5cm gap between the bars.

The best way to see if this change in panel bar gap size is required is to measure the dogs head width, if unsure please refer to your dog's breeder.


5cm Bar Gap 1.84m (6ft) High Panels

  • Suitable for all breeds including Small Pups
  • 50mm leg for easy cleaning also available without feet to prevent cross contamination The choice of the professional boarder /breeder
  • All panels have an extra strong centre support (Ours 8mm Other suppliers only 4mm)bar
  • Meets all current boarding kennel's regulations (3/4mix panels without feet recommended for boarding kennels to prevent cross contamination)
  • 5 year guarantee

The choice of the professional boarder /breeder, the 5cm range meets all current boarding  regulations and is suitable for all breeds including pups. The bars are 16mm with 5cm gap between the bars, 1.84m (6ft) High. They are made from precision steel tubes in accordance with DIN 2394-2 standards. The The steel grade is RST 37-2. The zinc coating is made from elements according to the European DIN 1461 standards (BS 1461) and is ISO-9002 certified.