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Dog Kennels Guide

What Kennel or Cabin Should we Buy?

We have an excellent range of dog kennels & dog cabins to suit all breeds.

Cabins/Kennel Size :- There is no exact guide to the size of cabin to buy for a certain breed of dog, as breed size can greatly vary.

Provided with each Cabin you will find information on that particular cabin size. While your dog is at rest measure the area that you dog occupies.

If Choosing for a puppy please refer to the size of their parents, as this will give you an idea of how big your dog will probably grow.

once you have done this then compare with our cabin size's. Your dog should also have enough room to be able to comfortable turn around.

When choosing a kennel its much the same principle, However also taking into account the run area size. smaller breed, smaller run. the larger the dog or dog,s the larger the run.

With both kennels and cabins consider how long your dog will be spending in their new home - will it be all day or just whilst you go shopping etc.

Will your dog be outside in the chill of winter? If so, go for the insulated dog kennel / cabin which will keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer months.

To help guide you making the right kennel choices, we have linked detailed information of the benefits of various upgrades and  options to all of our kennels.

These include items like, Wipe clean flooring, Sliding Hatches,Draft Screens,Bolt on Bowls,Insulation, 5cm or 8cm panels to name a few.


Deluxe Insulation                    Wipe Clean Flooring                Sliding Hatch                            Pop Hole Draught Screen

You will find these options and the linked information, toward the bottom of each kennel detailed info page. On each option you will find a blue more information button. When you click on this button a link to another page will open, on this page is the detailed information about that particular upgrade and what benefits are gained, this will help you make a better informed choice and decide what is right for you.

This system should make customising your Kennel or Cabin a straight forward process. But remember friendly none pushy advice is just a phone call away.

Call 01782 566 677

Why Buy a Buchan's Kennel (not all kennels are created equal)

  • Our Kennels Have up to 65% thicker frame work (much greater kennel and roof strength).
  • High-Quality Build and Design.
  • Superior quality overlap Timber System for expansion and contraction of timber (no problems with popped boards).
  • Sleeping area and Run Raised to allow water to escape when cleaning and to protect from damp.
  • Sleeping area floor raised and insulated to create a warmer damp free environment for your Dog.
  • Tongue and Groove Roof (not low-quality rough timber).
  • Better quality Heavy Duty Felt, 

While most kennels are built solely on a budget to achieve a lower sale price. Buchan's Kennels are high-quality affordable kennels with no cut corners, Professionally Delivered and Fitted, The home your Dog deserves.