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320W Infrared Heat Panel 595 x 595mm


Electric Infrared Heating is an accepted energy efficient heat source throughout Europe and beyond, however, it remains relatively unknown in the UK despite the benefits of the significant energy savings and the more comfortable and uniform heat distribution.

We are in a world where there is a relentless and laudable drive to reduce carbon emissions by embracing renewable energies,  whilst  Infrared Panels could not be categorized in the ‘renewable product’ sector it does compliment this form of energy generation perfectly as harvesting energy from renewable sources such as Solar, Wind & Hydro all generate……. electric !


Infrared heating products operate in the far infrared spectrum producing a heat not dis-similar to that of the sun. The electromagnetic waves cause molecules to oscillate and release energy within the heated environment. This phenomenon causes us to feel warm.

Infrared heating works by directly heating walls, floors, items located in a room and the human body, instead of heating the air, objects then release that heat into the environment thus creating an even comfortable temperature. 

Just as an indication of running costs (assuming a unit price of 16 pence per kW hour)

£1.23 per day (assuming it is running 24 hour/ day, without a thermostat.



Why buy from Buchan's Kennels & Structures?

  • Made in the UK - Buchan's Kennels & Structures manufacture all our own kennels in the UK at our Midlands manufacturing plant.
  • Superior Materials - Our Kennels are built from superior materials with up to 50% thicker walls and insulation.
  • Experience & Reputation - We have many years of experience working with commercial kennels and large organisations such as Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Police so you can be sure our products are tried, tested and built to last.
  • 10 Year Guarantee - The only company to offer the Buchan's Kennels & Structures 10 year guarantee against rot and decay on all of our kennels.
  • Customer Service - Fantastic customer service, give us a call with any questions or for our advice on the best kennel to meet your requirements.
  • Hassle Free - Our large kennels are delivered to your property and installed* by our experienced team, hassle free for you.

*Please note that installation is only applicable to our kennel and run range and not our smaller dog cabins which are shipped flat packed and need to be assembled by the buyer.

Beware of Imitations - All Kennels are not the same - You can only get an Buchan's Kennel from Us!


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